Circuits are paths where Negative (-) Charges flow toward Positive (+) Charges. The flow of these charges powers item such as lights, buzzers, and electric motors.

Circuits are divided into two classes-Series Circuits and Parallel Circuits.


Series Circuit

Parallel Circuit

A Series Circuit contains only one path for the negative charges to flow from the negative side of the power source (outlet, battery, generator) to the positive side of the power source.

A Parallel Circuit contains two or more paths for negative charges to travel.



Only one path.

One switch will stop the flow of Negative Charges to ALL components (lights, motors, buzzers, etc).

A switch that can control all the electricity in a circuit is called a Master Switch!! (S1, S2)

Each path can have a switch to control only those items on that path. (S1, S5)

A switch can be located to control two paths in a parallel circuit. (S3)

A Master Switch can be located near the power source to control the flow of negative charges to all paths. (S4)